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Logo (The Czech Society of Wolf Friends) is a group of people with various skills, abilities and knowledge who have a positive relationship to one of the most beautiful creature – the wolf.

All around the world, in our “modern“ society there is a deeply rooted negative myth about the wolves. The main aim and idea of this group is the change in the perception of the wolves.

This difficult task is divided into several different phases and we try to implement it in various ways. The first phase which has already been put into practice is publication of works describing the real life of wolves and predators generally. In cooperation with the publishing house Élysion we have published several books, for example the excellent work of the worldwide respected professor and wolf expert David L. Mech The Arctic Wolf – Ten Years with the Pack.. The interest in this book was so high that even the second edition is almost gone. The books – Krajina s vlky (The Landscape with Wolves) divided into two parts and Jantarové oči (Amber Eyes) by the Czech wolf lover Jaroslav Monte Kvasnica have also been very successful. All these books are full of information and photos (by Filip Chludil) and illustrations (by Ludvík Kunc) from the lives of wolves. We shouldn't also forget to mention the book by Ludvík Kunc - Život s karpatským rysem (The Life with the Carpathian Lynx) / Příběhy z medvědích a vlčích brlohů (The Stories from Bear and Wolf Dens).

The second phase which is according to us even more important is the education of the young generation which could help to save the wolf for the future. We would like to arrange lectures at high schools and universities with such experts as David L. Mech who gave a lecture at the Faculty of Natural Science at the Charles University in Prague. This lecture was very successful and was visited not only by students but also by experts in the environment protection.

Illustration of wolf. Author Ludvík Kunc We don't aim to focus on expensive reintroductory programmes with an uncertain result but to create conditions for a natural return of these predators into our countryside. We aim to enforce strict protection not only in our country but also in the neighbouring ones where the wolves are not protected the whole year and they are shot although they provably migrate between both countries.

We would like you to get involved in our campaign to protect the wolves. That's why we created this web presentation. We will inform you about events concerning the wolves. We will publish information concerning the research and protection of wolves. On our web pages you will find invitations to discussions or educational trips for both adults and children.
The web pages will be regularly supplemented with the experts' contributions on the problematics of predator protection and articles by authors who have dedicated their lives to wolves.

We also offer you to become members of our group. The membership will bring you a lot of interesting benefits, for example various discounts, advantages, the posibility to meet a real wolf and to take part in expeditions in the footprints of these four-legged symbols of freedom.

We wish you a lot of joy and knowledge from our web pages and we are looking forward to your reactions!


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